We create the video working for you

Our videos are shot by a professional team with a full-cycle production

The creation of videos commercial,
presentation and animation videos


starting from €60

It is an effective marketing tool for shaping the positive company image. It makes your goods and services identifiable and demanded.

starting from 14 days
5 - 30 sec.

Presentation video

starting from €200

It presents your company, goods and services. It demonstrates achievements, development perspectives and advantages of cooperation

starting from 30 days
2 - 10 min.

360° video

starting from €60

A format that immerses a person into a plot and makes you feel like part of a video We can take a virtual tour of your company, talk about a product, person or event.

starting from 2 days
starting from 30 sec.

Promo audio

starting from €35

It is an effective tool for influencing a potential client. You can order an AD, jingle and voice menu for smartphones.

starting from 1 day
starting from 10 sec.
Обучающее видео

Instruction video

starting from €200

It is a convenient way to train staff and clients. High informativeness and laconic form of telling.

starting from 14 days
starting from 3 min.

Animation video

starting from €300

The animation allows to realize even the wildest ideas. A good video attracts clients' attention and helps to stand out and bring out your own style.

starting from 30 days
starting from 5 sec.

We have been working for TV for 25 years.

Every day our specialists create content for a compulsory and regionally available TV-channel. It is watched by thousands of television viewers who already love it. This is the reason why our team practically know what montage, television, scripts and the creation of a successful product that sells are.

Professional video production equipment

We already have professional audio and video production equipment. But we regularly follow the latest trends and update it in accordance with new technologies.

We will assume all production stages

Our company will assume all the production organization. We will develop a concept, write a script, find a location, decorations, make a storyboard and shoot every scene. You have only to agree on the progress of work and approve it.

Professional voiceover and audio operation

We know the way the perfect video voiceover should be. We will find the best talker for your project and make a professional video and audio montage.

We have learned all
the ropes of a video
production process
for 25 years of work

Take care about the second string

Sometimes force majeure situations happen and an actor refuses to play or starts being sick. So, during the casting for a promotional video we always find a plan B person.

Don't forget about a clean-up

Clean-up is cleaning of the video from extra elements.
Sometimes you can't shoot a put-up scene without a wire on the wall or some extra communications.
The location is approved, the video is being shot, and the wire is cleaned up from every scene. The thing is that there are no less than 25 scenes with that wire. So, the clean-up is a troublesome, expensive, long-lasting, but necessary thing.

Choose music in advance

Soundmen recommend to choose a musical accompainment for your video thoroughly. The secret is that the sound should be chosen before an editor put video on the montage line. If they mount the video with the agreed musical accompainment, the work process will be more successful and less difficult.


watch promo videos about goods and services before visiting the shop.


treat companies with videos more loyal.

Video production stages
Leave your request and we will reply shortly. We will discuss all the details and prepare a commercial offer. Service agreement We will draw up a service agreement and start working on your project.
Service agreement
We will draw up a service agreement and start working on your project.
Technical task
You will fill out the brief with the important information about your company or product, leave your wishes. We will prepare a technical task, conducta marketing analysis of the market and competitors.
We develop the concept and scripts, conduct casting, search locations and props, plan days of shooting. We will agree on all the details with you.
This is the main video production stage. We prepare locations for shooting, place lights, props and decorations. The actors rehearse their scenes and we shoot them according to the storyboard.
We make video montage, color correction and 2D or 3D graphics. We buy music licenses, record a talker voicover. Then we agree on the project with you and finish work.
What does the price of the video depend on?
It’s a fair question. The answer depends on many factors: the location, equipment leasing, hired actors, the cost of the post processing of the video.
With the right strategic understanding of the goals of a video production process, it is possible to achieve good results even with limited financial means. It is important to evaluate what level will be sufficient and optimal.
How much time does the video production process take?
It depends on the tasks, the difficulty of the realization of the idea and other factors. The average video production process takes 14 days.
Sometimes your company needs a video on short notice. We are ready for it, our manager can clarify the cost of the rapid video production.
Is it compulsory to fill in the brief?
The brief is a document our work starts with. Based on it, our screenwriters get acquainted with you and your company, develop an idea and script for the video, which will meet all the marketing requirements.
Can we take part in the video production process?
Undoubtedly, you can. Each stage of the video production (the development of the concept, literary scripts writing, the preparation of a director’s script and a storyboard, the rough cut of the video, etc.) is coordinated with the client.
The stage of the video production is considered to be completed only if you approve the work done.
Do you work with an already finished script?
Of course! However, before getting to work, we should make sure that your script is working and meets some requirements. You can consult our specialists.
I haven’t seen the example of the video I need.
We have a united talented stuff ready for new experience. Do you have a crazy idea of a video shooting or animation? We can make your dream come true!
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