Increase your sales through social networks

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Account design
We will create a stylish and appropriate account in Fasebook or Instagram
starting from €100
Target AD
We will aim your AD at your potential clients in social networks.
starting from €200
Account management
We will draw up the unique promotion strategy and a content-plan.
starting from €200
What business tasks does SMM accomplish?

For small business

The primary task for you is to attract new clients

Targeted followers in social networks - an effective tool for the small business promotion. It everything is done in the right way, your company can be really popular in the Internet. It allows to increase your sales, brand recognition and the number of loyal clients. We are ready to help you in it!

For personal brand

Are you a freelancer, coach or public figure?

Social networks will help to promote your personal brand and blog. We know how to get the loyal audience and to connect with it. We will help you to single out among competitors and increase your recognition in social networks.

For famous brands

If your company has been established in the market for many years, SMM will allow to build confidence, reduce negativity and answer your clients' questions.

We will help to manage your accounts in social networks in the way they present the advantages of your goods and services over the competitors' ones.

Turn your clients into fans

The average person spends in social networks 6 hours a day

The television already concedes to Instagram and Facebook in the audience reach.

We know the tools for effective business promotion, increase of visits conversion and the clients attraction with the help of social networks.

SMM helps to present your brand to the target audience, to attract their attention to your business, promote and sell your goods and services.

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How do we prepare promotion in social networks?

Analyse your company and your competitors

We get caught up by our client's business. We learn the product you offer. We find your competitive advantage and the target audience.

Make a detailed content-plan

Just analysis is not enough to make your publications regular and interesting. For this purpose we make a content-plan and decide how many posts a day yor company needs and what they are going to be about.

Develop an AD campaign

The account can't be promoted by itself. so we arrange a plan for attraction of the clients. We show the AD only to the target audience choosing clients by the sex, age, location and interests.

Make your account a feast

We use all ways for new clients attraction. We regularly check the effectiveness of our strategy and make necessary adjustments.

File detailed reports

We analyze the AD campaign. Do you still have questions? We are ready to discuss all the details.

The announcement of the TV programme

Not boring news, but an informative test

The dynamics of the number of the unique visitors and views in the entertainment account

Concert promotion: 600 tickets in 2 weeks

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Is it necessary to have public accounts in all social networks?

The brand presence in s social network depends on your target audience. Are most of your clients wealhy? Welcome to Facebook. Is your brand targeted for young people? The business promotion through VK and Instagram is appropriate. Are goods and services for older generation? Odnoklassniki will be a good variant.

Knowing your clients' preferences and interests, you can define priority areas of social networks.

How much money will SMM promotion bring to my business?

The "i-give-nothing-and-get-everything" strategy doen't work here. At the testing stage you invest money and decide what efforts lead to the result. The main thing is to remember that SMM is not used as the only one tool for sales.

In social networks you can't sell your product at once, you have to establish relations with potential clients and make them your regulars.

Is it really possible to sell through social networks?

Social networks are excellent marketing tools, allowing not only to make your company reputation. but also arrange sales with minimum efforts and resources.

How soon will I have the results?

If you decide to use SMM in social networks, you should remember that it is a long-term project.

After 2 months we will get the clients interested in your goods and services, but having relationship of trust with your clients will take not a short period of time.

Who is work in social networks for?

This is for those whose sales are focused on the "end-user": from freelancers to mass consumption goods shops and large industrial companies. Boring topics don't exist, but boring approach does.

How can I check the results of the AD campaign?

Each social network gives detailed campaign analitics. It is located in the "Account reports" in the AD section. All the social networks show every campaign statistics in its settings.

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Build a website selling your merchandise or services
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Shoot a promotional video or make an audio that sells
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